Equisports Massager


Your equine athlete is expected to perform its best, even when suffering from pain, strain, or tight sore muscles that are heavy with lactic acid build up. Trainers do what they can by employing ice/heat therapy and/or limited massage techniques, but still they complain when the horse has a “cold back”. With the EQUISPORTS™ Massager you are able to apply soothing massage therapy to your horse and help relax sore, tired, aching muscles.

Using the Equisports Massager fills the horse’s muscles with rich, oxygenated blood by increasing circulation and hastening the elimination of wastes and toxic build up from the muscles. The Equisports Massager uses its unique, deep penetrating oscillation massage therapy action to accomplish what a horse needs to perform his best. Performance counts and you can count on Equisports Massager and a consistent massage therapy regime to improve your horse’s performance and overall quality of life.

Key benefits of the EQUISPORTS™ massager include:

  • Relaxation and reduction of tension
  • Improved circulation, both blood and lymph
  • Stimulate the horses natural self-regulatory capability
  • Increase body’s energy flow
  • Soothing with overall sense of well-being
  • Can be used to warm up the horse

We are proud to say that the EQUISPORTS™ Massager is Made in the USA!


  • Made in the USA
  • One Year Warranty
  • 120V AC Nominal Power Source Required
  • 25 foot grounded power cord with GFCI
  • Built to ANSI standards and CSA certified


To order, please contact Ingrid Schmitt at 484-336-6657 or isbarrelracer@hotmail.com