We are very thankful for the support from all of our wonderful sponsors who help keep our horses healthy and happy.  Read our personal experiences with each product below and click the company logos for more details!  To order any of these great products at an even better price, please visit our store page, Another Lap, and fill out the Order Products form.

We first began using the FlexiNeb Equine Nebulizer when one of our good open horses developed a respiratory infection. After a thorough diagnosis and treatment plan, we worked closely with the veterinarians at Cornell University to research the best equine nebulizer to use for his treatment. The small particle size produced by the FlexiNeb Equine Nebulizer allows the medications to reach deeper in to the alveoli of the lungs than other nebulizers. After purchasing it, we found that it was simple to use with no hoses and quiet operation. We now use it to nebulize saline before and after our runs to keep our horses feeling and running great.

Dutton bits and spurs are hand made by Greg Dutton in Los Lunas, New Mexico and they are AMAZING.  The quality and workmanship is second to none.  Our very favorite bit is the twisted full cheek snaffle.  I don’t think a horse has passed through Oakwood Manor without riding in this bit.  Almost every bit we ride in is made by Dutton Bits and we are proud to sell them.  We have also worked closely with Greg to design a few bits and have never been disappointed.  Each bit comes with a lifetime guarantee.  Please look through the pictures, or contact us if you don’t see what you want.  There is nothing he can’t make!

After having dinner and several lengthy conversations with the CEO and Founder of Med Vet Phamaceuticals, Dale Steege, we knew this was a product line we needed to have.  All of the MVP products are scientifically tested and CLINICALLY PROVEN.  It was important to us to be able to read the scientific research and guaranteed analysis of their products.  This is definitely not a supplement that was “mixed up in someone’s basement” as leading nutritionist Dr Steve Duren recently told us about another leading brand which is very well advertised, but NOT well researched!

Lanie’s tack is second to NONE!!!  She hand makes all of her beautiful leather bridles, halters, and more and we are proud to be competing and working in her quality equipment.  She makes everything leather ranging from work equipment to beautiful unique show bridles and breastcollars.

We started using the HayGain Hay Steamer when one of our horses developed a respiratory infection.  This led us to doing a lot of research and finding that hay contains a lot of  dust, mold and fungal spores, and bacteria.  Steaming also reduces simple sugars in hay by up to 25% which is helpful for horses with laminitis, PSSM, and insulin resistance.  The steamer is easy to use and all of our horses have loved the steamed hay!  We bought the mid sized unit.  We use it daily and take it to shows with us as well.  This size has worked well for us to be able to feed several horses each feeding.

Nexavar LOVES his Equisports Massager!  It helps keep him loose and flexible, which is quite the task with those big strong muscles!! Mike and I have found we enjoy using it as much as our four legged friends!

EQUIBRAND is an amazing and HUGE company, including Classic Equine, Martin Saddlery, Cashel, and Classic Ropes.  We are so blessed to have been included in their sponsored riders.  Each of these brands represents exceptional quality and the gold standard of our industry.

Sasha Kone of Endless Mountain Equine Dentistry takes excellent care of all of our horses’ dental needs. She always shows up with a smile and is kind and gentle. We really appreciate all the work she puts in to continuing education, so she is always up to date on the most current research and techniques.

Cynthia Frink with Coyote Fields Leather has been our go-to girl for a variety of needs.  Her newest addition of custom hand-made mule tape halters has us excited!  She also does beautiful leather work of all kinds and can repair almost anything!

The Rick Wheat Noavel Headstall has been a great addition to our tools.  This headstall, used correctly, helps develop a quiet, confident, respectful horse. The Noavel Headstall is worn like a halter and is more humane and comfortable than most traditional headgear. It does not restrict air and nothing is put in the horses mouth so it gives the horse a sense of freedom while the handler maintains total control.

Mariah Giles of Afterglow Exposures has done a fantastic job photographing our horses for many years. It’s very helpful to have a photographer with an understanding of photography AND horses! She is very patient yet efficient.  Check out her website and her Facebook page to view her beautiful work!