Endless Mountain Equine Dentistry

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Whether you love your horse or are looking to improve your horse’s performance, a regular dentistry schedule will make your horse happier, healthier, more athletic, and easier to work with. Sasha works one on one with every one of her clients to make sure that each experience is personalized, convenient and has a positive outcome for both the horse and the owner.


  • Basic Floats
  • Equilibration
  • Corrective Procedures
  • Performance Floats
  • Wolf Tooth Extractions – state laws apply re: vet supervision
  • Geriatric Maintenance

Types of Horses Worked on:

  • Horses – performance, pleasure, and otherwise
  • Geriatric Horses
  • Miniature Horses
  • Draft Horses
  • Donkeys and Mules, too!


  • $100.00 Base Rate
  • $5.00-$15.00 per tooth for corrective work
  • Maintenance work and refloats on returning customers are always a flate fee at the base rate of $85.00.

For more information:
Sasha Kone CEqD, IAED/C