Flexineb® 2 System (Adult Size)


The Flexineb® 2 System (Adult Size) is a portable, silent, highly effective equine nebulizer that delivers aerosolized medications and natural therapies to the airways of the horse. The soft flexible mask fits over the face of the horse and creates a seal by tightening the strap around the head. Since the battery is rechargeable, the Flexineb® unit may be placed on the horse while walking so that deeper respiratory function is encouraged.

This complete FLEXINEB® 2 adult size system provides everything required including: a standard flow Medication Cup, Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) Adaptor, Aerosol Holding Chamber, Inlet Valve Kit, Exit Valve Kit, Flexineb® 2 Controller Kit with safety strap, Battery, Battery Connector Cable, Flexineb 120 Volt Charger System, Mask Strap, Blue Soft Shell Mask, User’s Guide and Carrying Case.

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The Flexineb has proven itself useful when nebulizing antibiotics, bronchodilators, corticosteroids and mucolytics. Read the Flexineb® Drugs Table for medications.

Cleaning and Disinfecting:
Cleaning is easy. Simply wash with warm, soapy water. Disinfecting is done by using cold sterilization methods. Read more about how to properly clean your Flexineb® with the Medication Cup Cleaning Instructions.

nuclear-image-on-horseVolume of Medication:
A standard 10 milliliter medication cup is included. A 20 milliliter extension is provided to facilitate volumes of up to 30 milliliters. No medication remains wasted in the cup after treatment.

Comfort and Tolerance:
Flexineb® fits comfortably onto the horse’s nose as a result of the flexible material. An adjustable regulator allows full control of the exit valve, enabling the caregiver to bypass the valve for easy breathing or to facilitate inhalation of the medication deep into the lungs.

The transparent aerosol-holding chamber allows the user to see the aerosol mist being generated by the Flexineb® system, in conjunction with the horse’s breathing emptying the chamber and receiving the fine particle aerosol.

System accessories include an AC power supply to charge the internal battery, a 20 milliliter extension cup, a cover plug for cleaning the med cup, a user manual, medication chart and a hard sided case.


The following warranty protection applies to system components:

  • Mask Assembly (excludes inlet and exit valves): 24 months
  • Medication Cup: The medication cup is a consumable part and its life is very dependent on the drugs nebulized and how well it is cleaned and maintained. Therefore the medication cup component is not covered by warranty.
  • Controller: 24 months
  • Cable: 24 months
  • Battery: 6 months
  • Power Supply: 24 months

Please note: any damage caused by improper handling is not subject to warranty protection. The warranty expires when the device has been interfered with by a third party.

The FLEXINEB® controller is set to run for 18 minutes each time the POWER button is depressed.  After this time, if there is still medication to dispense or if you are using the extension cup, you will need to depress the POWER button again to resume nebulizing.

Although the Flexineb® mask material is soft and flexible, the front aerosol chamber and battery controller are made of hard plastic. Therefore, caregivers should be mindful of the risk posed by the horse moving its head when the Flexineb® is fitted on the animal.