Lazer HD Shine Spray 32 oz


Lazer HD Create the ultimate high de nition shine by using dac€™s Lazer HD Shine Spray Concentrate. Nourishing properties of Abyssinian oils, fatty acids and vitamins blend together to provide hair & mane man- ageability along with conditioning & protection for an optical luster throughout the coat. This custom formula provides emolliency & gloss to encourage a long lasting lazer shine for weeks.
Instructions Mix 16 oz. to 1 gallon of water. Take diluted LAZER HD and add to an empty spray bottle and apply.
Features Maintains a high gloss No greasy nish Eliminates static y aways Helps reduce grooming times -Detangles tough knots in mane & tail -Provides last minute show day shine
Moisture Balance Glycerin and Vitamin E act as a humectant and regulate sebum production Enhances the penetration and resorption of skin lipids, therefore restoring and maintaining the skin€™s moisture barrier. Abyssinian Oil has a high concentration of C22 fatty acids making it easily absorbed into skin and hair. Omega-9 fatty acids give hair a rich shine and glossy feel
Nutrient Content Abyssinian Oil contains an abundance of Linolenic Acid, Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant., Concentrated blend of 14 different hydrolyzed amino acids targets hair growth and cell regeneration.