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We are very thankful for the support from all of our wonderful sponsors who help keep our horses healthy and happy.  We are proud to offer the products we believe in to our customers.  Read our personal experiences with each product below and click the company logos for more details!

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We first began using the FlexiNeb Equine Nebulizer when one of our good open horses developed a respiratory infection. After a thorough diagnosis and treatment plan, we worked closely with the veterinarians at Cornell University to research the best equine nebulizer to use for his treatment. The small particle size produced by the FlexiNeb Equine Nebulizer allows the medications to reach deeper in to the alveoli of the lungs than other nebulizers. After purchasing it, we found that it was simple to use with no hoses and quiet operation. We now use it to nebulize saline before and after our runs to keep our horses feeling and running great.

We started using the HayGain Hay Steamer when one of our horses developed a respiratory infection.  This led us to doing a lot of research and finding that hay contains a lot of  dust, mold and fungal spores, and bacteria.  Steaming also reduces simple sugars in hay by up to 25% which is helpful for horses with laminitis, PSSM, and insulin resistance.  The steamer is easy to use and all of our horses have loved the steamed hay!  We bought the mid sized unit.  We use it daily and take it to shows with us as well.  This size has worked well for us to be able to feed several horses each feeding.

Nexavar LOVES his Comfort Stall!!  This stall mat system is second to none!  We first saw this flooring system in the recovery stalls at Cornell University.  This combination of a soft foam underlayer with a sealed rubber membrane on top is amazing!  It provides exceptional cushioning which is great for their joints,  provides thermal insulation so the floor is not so hard and cold for them to lie on in the winter, and there are NO shifting mats to deal with!  Comfort Stalls are also credited with less dust, lower bedding costs, improved joint and respiratory health, elimination of hock sores and much much more!  Contact me today for a price quote on your custom one piece stall mat system!

We have fed Poulin Grain for many years.  As with any product we use or feed, countless hours went in to researching all aspects of Poulin Grain.  We had the opportunity to tour the mill in Newport Vermont where all of the feed is processed and were very impressed with the number of checks and balances that go in to quality control as well as the cleanliness.  Their regional representatives are always just a phone call away, as are the veterinarians at Performance Horse Nutrition, who formulate all of their feeds.  After developing a relationship with the company and their wonderfully educated support system we started selling Poulin Grain in January 2018.  As a FREE service for all Poulin Grain customers, we can complete a forage analysis and use that data to develop personalized diets for each of your animals.  Poulin Grain has great product lines for horses, cows, goats, chickens, cats, dogs, and more!

Every horse person we know shares three traits . . . we are all busy, we want what is best for our horses, and money is tight!  Back On Track has been a fabulous addition to the care routines of our equine athletes.  Back On Track holds up very well – my first mesh sheet is over ten years old and still used all the time!  Back On Track therapy doesn’t require you to do anything special!  You don’t have to run a machine on your horse or even monitor him/her.  You simply put it on and go!  After seeing the success we had with helping our horses to relax and heal, we finally splurged and tried a HUMAN product!  Now we know this is the real deal!  Be sure to look into their full line for horses, dogs, and PEOPLE! 

DAC products are formulated by leading equine nutritionists, Performance Horse Nutrition.  It was through our relationship with Dr. Stephen Duren f PHN that we began researching the differences between DAC and other supplement lines.  We are pleased to be using DAC products on all of our horses.  Our favorites are the Cool Gut which supports the gastric health of our horses who are traveling or stressed in any way and the Oil which helps with overall coat and skin health as well as providing a safe effective fat supplement so we can feed less grain.  There are many other products that we use on an individual basis like the Colt Grower, Bloom, and Breeder’s Excel.  When we signed on we didn’t anticipate how much we would love the topical product line!  Our barn is always stocked with their shampoos, Citronella Fly Spray, Laser Shine, and Tangle Free! 

Dutton bits and spurs are hand made by Greg Dutton in Los Lunas, New Mexico and they are AMAZING.  The quality and workmanship is second to none.  Our very favorite bit is the twisted full cheek snaffle.  I don’t think a horse has passed through Oakwood Manor without riding in this bit.  Almost every bit we ride in is made by Dutton Bits and we are proud to sell them.  We have also worked closely with Greg to design a few bits and have never been disappointed.  Each bit comes with a lifetime guarantee.  Please look through the pictures, or contact us if you don’t see what you want.  There is nothing he can’t make!

EQUIBRAND is an amazing and HUGE company, including Classic Equine, Martin Saddlery, Cashel, and Classic Ropes.  We are so blessed to have been included in their sponsored riders.  Each of these brands represents exceptional quality and the gold standard of our industry.

I used to wear my helmet for only horses I deemed “helmet-worthy” – those horses that I probably shouldn’t have been riding any way!  After a bad accident several years ago that involved a very serious head injury, I have decided to wear a helmet every time I ride.  I tried a lot of helmets before choosing the Tipperary helmet.  Tipperary helmets are by far the most comfortable that I have ridden in and are very safe!

My introduction to Gobi products began late fall of 2019. New York winters are L-O-N-G, cold, and dark, and I had lost my sense of humor about it.  I bought a heated vest and was immediately in love!  Did you know that heated clothing is proven to make you a nicer person?!  At least that’s what I am told by those around me!
After wearing my Gobi Dune heated vest all day every day for Fall, Winter, and Spring of 2019 and 2020, I decided this was a product line worth investigating.  I have been nothing but impressed with everything about them.  It is a small family owned company, my favorite business model.  Their customer service is absolutely amazing!  I have since bought the heated socks, hat, and Sahara jacket.  Not one of them has disappointed me in the least.

Horses are grazing animals.  Their digestive system is designed for constant foraging, and big problems like colic and ulcers arise when we domesticate them and limit their forage to our schedule.  We want to keep hay in front of our horses at all times, but the amount of hay they wasted was just too much to stand.  That’s when I started researching hay nets.  Everything kept leading us back to the industry leader, HayChix!  Now all of the horses in our 27 stall barn have a full bale hay net at all times.  The horses are much more relaxed, healthy, and happy.

5 Star Pads is an exciting addition to the Oakwood Manor line up!  This coveted pad is heads and shoulders above the rest.  I am most impressed with the light weight, durability, longevity, and comfort.  The classy look is a fabulous bonus!

I am a skeptic at heart.  I need to see things with my own eyes, repeatedly, to be a true believer.  BEMER has truly been a game changer for me.  My two favorite BEMER success stories are the 2 year old mare that acted like every saddling was her very first,  for the first 30 times.  After her first BEMER session,  she just stood quiet and relaxed for saddling.  The other big win for me was with a 4 year old pleasure horse.  Without his BEMER session he will literally squeal and buck when you ask him to lope off. After his sessions, he’s quiet and lovely!  Seeing is believing!!
Our BEMER Human and Horse units are available for rental as well.
$200/1 week
$350/ 2 weeks