Tipperary Helmets

I used to wear my helmet for only horses I deemed “helmet-worthy” – those horses that I probably shouldn’t have been riding any way! After a bad accident several years ago that involved a very serious head injury, I have decided to wear a helmet every time I ride. I tried a lot of helmets before choosing the Tipperary helmet. Tipperary helmets are by far the most comfortable that I have ridden in and are very safe!

Tipperary is dedicated to providing personal protective equipment designed for all levels and disciplines in the equestrian world. Built on the simple notion that equestrians are athletes, each product is made with maximum mobility, attention to comfort and functional fit.

The three helmet models available are the Sportage, Hybrid and Toddler.

To order your Tipperary helmets, please contact Nicky Kurty at 607-427-6875 or fill out the Order Products form here.