Janet Johnson
Thank you Nicky!   Abby has been well received and is loved very much! She is such a sweetie and well adjusted. Wish that you could be cloned to be in this area, you are talented and friendly - rare for equine business owners around this area!   She is very sweet and lovely to ride. Loves the trails! My husband and I are very pleased. Abby gets along with our other gaited and already knows and trusts me. cute cute cute!!! Thanks for connecting us together, she is perfect for us and she agrees.
The Haven Family
If you have not met these two people and the services they provide you are truly missing out. It has been a dream come true for a parent. The things Nicky can do with a horse are amazing and the things she helped my daughter with have been outstanding to say the least. I brought my 7-year-old daughter to Nicky initially for one lesson, however, that has turned into several lessons. Nicky has worked with my daughter on both of her horses. My daughter has become very successful in the games and also the western pleasures classes. I had Nicky come down to work our pleasure horse just prior to a show and I will tell you I was amazed with the results. I will tell you that I don't ride, however, I promised my daughter that I would ride in the show. I was simply amazed with how the horse rode after Nicky worked with him. It was too easy - with very little effort on my part resulting in a blue ribbon. Nicky and Mike provide five star service with a friendly atmosphere. I just want to thank them both for a successful show season and for keeping my daughter safe. If you get a chance to look them up you won't be disappointed with the services and the results you will have with your horse. Nicky you have created a bond of trust with my daughter and she would like to thank you for everything you did for her this year. She is looking forward to next year. My wife and I would like thank you both for helping us out this year and always leading us in the right direction.
Tiany Schuster
Nicky Kurty is an exceptional trainer that trains consistent working horses! That is what I will take any day. A solid check getting son of a gun! I like my name called every time not just some of the time! Great work Nicky!
Teresa Sullivan
I very highly recommend Nicky Kurty for riding lessons and/or any horse training needs one might have. I have had the pleasure to experience both being instructed by Nicky as a rider and also watching her school my 3 year old American Paint horse. Nicky "started" my horse "Sunny" and did an incredible job. I was riding him under Nicky's instruction within a couple of weeks. Sunny spent just 6 weeks with Nicky and already has a solid foundation of the basics. I'm hoping to get the opportunity to send him to Nicky's for a few weeks this summer to further his education. Sunny not only received the most excellent care while being boarded and trained at Nicky's, but he was treated kindly and given the room to learn and succeed as was I. Sunny has great brakes and I ride him in a snaffle with which he responds with a very light touch. Nicky is a wonderful teacher and "encourager". And she continues to be available to help me with questions when I'm having an issue for which I am VERY grateful. Thanks again Nicky, for the wonderful job you did with Sunny and all your continued support!
Trish & Cassandra Reese
Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for a great kids horse clinic. Cassandra had a great time. She told me how much fun she had and wants to come back again. She went to 4-H Round Up on the 8th and made it to Districts in all 3 gaming classes. She looked great. I overheard her talking to someone and telling them about the 6-4-2... I think that is what the numbers are. She was saying to them that she needs to set Freckles up for the barrels to get her around them faster. It was really cute. Well hope all is well with everyone up there and keep us posted as to when you are going to be doing another clinic for the kids and maybe even the "moms".   Thanks again!
Colleen O’Neil
Nicky, you have helped me immensely on figuring out what I do and do not want in a horse. I've gone from having a pasture full of pets to enjoying riding again! Thank you! When I took my 3 year old to you I couldn't even apply fly spray on him or lead him without getting run over! I was amazed at the transformation that took place in just 30 days with you! Charlie had such a change in attitude after working with you - he went from being a bratty adolescent-acting 12 year old to a respectful gelding with a job to do! Because of you Nicky I was finally able to sell him to a new owner who will benefit from the skills I always knew he had!" Thank You!
Alex Paris
You gave me and Streaker a great start and taught me a lot that has helped my riding in general. I had been in the same riding style for so long and you taught me a lot of new tricks. He is really doing well; he seems very fit and very happy and relaxed................... I will continue to let you know how we are doing and maybe come back in a while for some pointers. I also wanted to let you know that of everyone I have mentioned your name to I have heard nothing but good things about your riding and your horses, we both know how rare that is in the horse business. Streaker got so many compliments yesterday and lots of people asked where I had gotten him.
Debbie Bates
Thanks, Nicky. I am so pleased with the way things are going with you working with Sugar. I have been so happy with what has transpired in only a couple of weeks. Thanks for being positive, patient and encouraging. Thanks for not rushing through this process. It appears obvious that you have the best interest of the horse as well as the rider in mind through your training.
Jessie Snow
I want to thank both Mike and Nicky very much for picking up and delivering my new filly!!! Thanks for ensuring a safe arrival all the way from Michigan. You guys did a great job!
Karen Mathewson
Saturday at Skyline, Gomer was GREAT!!! He's so different and focused now and I love it. I got many comments on his improvement and how good he looks and I owe it all to you!! You've helped me tremendously to improve my skills and confidence and I really think we did well for our first big show with him running seriously. We ran 2 18.5 barrel runs and his turns were solid. If I can get him running a little harder between the barrels we'll be golden. Thanks so much!!!!!
Melanie & Derica Skarbek
Hi Nicky, my daughter Derica bought Count On The Cash from you.   Derica ran him Saturday and she won the youth with 52 in the class. She ran a 17.012 and the next time was a 17.197. This is very exciting for her as only having him a month, this has surpassed her wildest expectations!!! Thanks so much, I know he was not actually yours but you were very honest on the sale and that means a lot when you’re purchasing for a kid!!! They really have clicked in a short amount of time.
Nancy Furlong
I have to say, after attending your clinic, Molly is a different girl...she has a greater respect for everything, her interaction with Sugar is most noticeable, and Sugar's respect for her...it is amazing.   She is even trying to be more patient with her sister, and tolerant of her. Any way I just wanted to thank you for such a great opportunity for Molly.   Sometime she wants to connect with Kelly when she is up there, she said they hit it off. If you see Kelly can you give her Molly's number? They didn't get a chance to exchange numbers before we left. Take care and hope to see you soon.
Madi Parsons
Oakwood Manor is definitely the cleanest, most friendly barn I've ever ridden at. Nicky is by far the best trainer/ instructor/ business lady I've ever seen, and really tries to connect with all of her riders and horses; which is why she's so successful. Her knowledge of horses is unbelievable, we always wonder how she makes things look so easy. She's just an awesome teacher, rider, and trainer which is why all of her students (people and horses) LOVE her!
Robin Serafini
A big THANKS TO YOU NICKY! You have helped Bella sooo much and me also. I only showed her twice last year, then I decided to breed her to Nexavar, which I am really excited about. On the down side of that I can't show Bella next year. I have all the faith that when I do start to run her you will see a different horse, Thanks to you!
Rebecca Campbell
Thank you Nicky! You did a great job as a clinician. I learned more from you than Ed or Charmayne!! Nice work Nicky! It was so wonderful spending the whole weekend   . . . warm cozy house, nice stall for Fletchy, great company, and delicious hot meals. It was a one of a kind clinic!!!! I have no complaints or suggestions - I LOVED IT!!!   THANK YOU for your time, effort, and patients with me and Fletch.
Barb Steingraber
We so enjoyed ourselves yesterday, as usual...I am the poster child for "you CAN teach an old dog new tricks"!!! I have learned lots...Showmanship is going GREAT...I am so pleased...His weight is perfect...he looks fit...good for his age. Thank you so much for all that you have done for him and for me!
Pete & Abigail Plants
It truly was a pleasure to see you yesterday at the show. I want to thank you for taking time with Abigail, she thinks you guys are just super. I know in my heart that she and Kate aka Naughty are going to make a terrific team. I hope to take them to the NBHA World this year. Abigail qualified for 3 slots. You two are really great folks and we believe that God puts people in our lives that can really make a difference. You have brought some real pleasure into our lives and we thank you for that. Thank you again for everything. When we hear of someone looking for a Barrel Horse - we will give them your name first.
Alan & Donette Griffith
Thank you for getting our horses ready for the show season! They left looking like winter ponies and returned after 6 weeks as sleek, fit, tuned-up show horses! So worth the money! Especially when you don't have the time to do it yourself and want it done right!

Thanks again!
Abbey & Barney
Nicky, you have changed a lot for me. I would have never thought that I could actually be a good rider, and it's all thanks to you! When I first started taking lessons from you I had little experience in barrel racing and didn't know much. Almost a year has passed and I've already placed in many shows, and have worked great with Barney. You took in Barney and me and helped us work together to reach the point that we are now. Everything that I know is because of you, and you are the main person I want to thank for everything! Thank you for training me and my horse, and taking us to horse shows. I know you'll always be there for me! Thanks so much.